How to Restore Shabby Tiles

Why a Presumptive Asbestos Inspection Can Be the Best Pre-purchase Option

Asbestos is a harmful material that is present in many older buildings, so it makes sense to have an asbestos inspection carried out before buying a property. One of the most common types is called a presumptive inspection, where materials are identified that are suspected of containing asbestos, but the laboratory tests that would confirm it are not carried out. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to opt for one of these preliminary tests.


Firstly, this is the cheapest type of asbestos inspection. Laboratory testing of samples can be expensive but is the only way to be sure of whether asbestos is actually present. However, it may not be necessary to know for certain. As you will not be removing and replacing materials, it is possible to identify and manage risks without test results. (If you are renovating the property, you will probably need a more expensive advanced inspection).


Secondly, taking samples will involve minor damage to the property. You would need permission from the owners to do this, and they are unlikely to allow it as they will not want even superficial damage when they are trying to sell. Only after you have bought the property will you have the authority to take samples, so a presumptive inspection is a far more practical option.


A presumptive inspection is also likely to be a much quicker option. Taking samples and carrying out the necessary tests is a time-consuming procedure that can hold things up when you are trying to buy a property. A presumptive survey will only require a visual inspection, which can then be written up into a report in a short space of time. This can make a big difference to the purchase time.

First Step

Finally, if you do go on to renovate the property, the presumptive test will be a good first step. You will already know which materials and areas are suspected of being harmful, so the next inspection will have a good idea of where to take the samples. This can save a bit of time and means that you will already know which areas of the house are safe.

A presumptive asbestos inspection can be the ideal option for a pre-purchase survey. Talk to a professional asbestos survey service in your area today to find out the best option for you and for your future home.  

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