How to Restore Shabby Tiles

Why Pole Mount Transformers are an effective option for electricity distribution

If you're looking to generate electricity effectively across your work site, pole mount transformers, from a company like GBE Australia, are a useful option to consider. The pole mount design features transformers that are installed a few metres above the ground. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can handle a wide variety of voltage ratings (most handle between 3-1000kva). Whether you're simply providing power to a single building or to an entire small town, you can take advantage of the pole mount design. Read More 

Why You May Need to Be Wary of a Popcorn Ceiling

If you love to tackle a big project, you may have bought a "fixer upper" in recent time, with plans to renovate and turn it into a proper home. As you walk around your new acquisition, you may be bemused by some of its older features and the techniques used by builders in the old days. You may be even more confused when you stare up at the ceiling and look at the " Read More 

What to Think About When Selecting Materials for CNC Machining

There are numerous advantages of choosing CNC machining in fabrication of custom products. This computer control technology is designed to control machines such as lathes, mills and routers using software. This fabrication method is precise in translating your designs; there are no human errors during execution. Also, the technique is fast, and you will get identical products since the machines duplicate the process perfectly. If you are thinking about ordering custom metal or plastic commodities from your CNC fabricator for your business, you will need to select ideal materials to ensure high-quality results. Read More 

Typical Plaster Damages and their Fixes

Plastering remains one of the most convenient ways to finish your residence. Whether it is a newly constructed house and you are looking for an affordable finish or it is an old home and you want to update its appearance, choosing plastering is an ideal solution to sprucing up the appearance of the structure. But while plaster is convenient, it will start to depreciate with time. And in some cases, the cause of the damage can be a telltale indicator of a structural problem with your home too. Read More 

Why Have an Asbestos Audit Before Buying a Fixer-Upper?

Buying a fixer-upper allows you to create a perfect new home for you and family while keeping to a budget. However, if you're buying an older property, then you should do some due diligence before you buy. Older properties can hide a multitude of sins that aren't always immediately visible to buyers. So, you'll run through a series of checks before you commit to the purchase. As part of this process, it's worth having an asbestos audit done on the property. Read More 

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How to Restore Shabby Tiles

If you've got an old tile kitchen splashback that's seen better days, then you want to spruce it up. If you can't afford to replace the tiles, then you may be thinking about restoring them instead. But, if you've never done this kind of project before, you won't know where to start or which restoration solution to choose. Do you know the best way to get rid of grease marks and stains? Should you just rip out and replace the grout? Can you paint over the tiles? Are cracks fixable? To get the answers to these kinds of questions and simple guides on how to restore old tiles, take a look at my articles. There's bound to be something on my site that can get your splashback looking good again.



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