How to Restore Shabby Tiles

Why Pole Mount Transformers are an effective option for electricity distribution

If you're looking to generate electricity effectively across your work site, pole mount transformers, from a company like GBE Australia, are a useful option to consider. The pole mount design features transformers that are installed a few metres above the ground. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can handle a wide variety of voltage ratings (most handle between 3-1000kva).

Whether you're simply providing power to a single building or to an entire small town, you can take advantage of the pole mount design. But why opt for pole mount transformers over other ground-mounted units (such as substation transformers)?

1. Easy to customise for your voltage needs

Pole mount transformers are the epitome of customisation. Each unit has a unique, expert design that's optimised for the amount of power it will distribute (as well as its location of installation).

Smaller generators fit well in tight spaces and can be matched with an appropriate power supply. Lager units can also be placed in dedicated areas of your facility where they act as the workhorses of your power generating needs. In addition, pole mounted units can be shaped to withstand outdoor weather conditions. They come in sturdy metallic frames that provide both protection and optimal surface areas for connectivity.

2. An eco-friendly option

Pole mounted transformers are one of the few units that can be effectively refurbished/rebuilt from older units. For example, oil-filled transformers can be reused by recycling the housing frames and other internal components.

These transformers also maintain connectivity across different areas and can be transported from one work site to another. The end result is an eco-friendly transformer that exerts less pressure on the environment.

3. Safe mounting off the ground

The pole mount design is also a safe option for power distribution. Areas that experience harsh ground conditions benefit from having the unit suspended safely from ground level. This safer method also results in more durable units that don't cause power disruptions.

With pole mounts, you can take advantage of a consistent design platform that offers you the ability to enjoy a similar experience and repeatability of power distribution over time.

4. Easier to implement predictive maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, pole mount transformers are easy to work with. You can install highly standardised units that require similar maintenance routines when being serviced. And even if you opt for customisation of your pole mounts, you can still schedule a convenient maintenance plan that ensures each transformer has been appropriately serviced.

In this way, your repair technicians can predict and react to any issues even before they affect power distribution.

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How to Restore Shabby Tiles

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