How to Restore Shabby Tiles

Answers to Some Commonly Asked Questions about Laminate Flooring

One of the flooring materials that has steadily grown in popularity over the years is laminate. In past years, some people would steer clear from laminate flooring because it had a bland appearance when compared to other luxury flooring materials such as hardwood. Nevertheless, technological advancements have greatly enhanced the appearance of this flooring, making it ideal for residential and commercial use alike. So what are some of the things that you need to know about laminate flooring?

How durable is the flooring?

The first thing to note about laminate flooring is it comprises multiple layers. These layers include the top wear layer, the design layer, the inner layer and the backing layer. The backing layer functions to prevent premature moisture damage to your laminate flooring as it lies between the laminate and the subgrade of the flooring. The inner layer is made up of plastic resin, which fortifies the laminate by providing it with both stability and its innate strength. As the name suggests, the design part of the flooring comprises the graphics that mimic wood patterns on the flooring. Lastly, the water layer is the topmost layer and prevents the floor from acquiring premature damage in the form of scratches, staining and more. Overall, if taken good care of, the various layers will ensure your laminate flooring stays extremely durable.

What is the suitable thickness for your laminate flooring?

A misconception some people may have concerning laminate flooring is that the thicker their laminate is, the more durable it will be. The reality of the matter is that thickness does not equate durability. Instead, thickness offers you different advantages. For instance, the thicker your laminate flooring is, the easier it will be to install. Secondly, the thicker the laminate is, the higher its sound absorption capabilities are, thus making thicker planks ideal for rooms that experience heavy foot traffic. Lastly, the thicker the laminate is, the more impact resistance your flooring will have. Therefore, if these were some of the issues you would like to address when installing your new flooring, then thicker planks of laminate would be suitable for your needs.

Do you need underlay for your floor?

Underlayment refers to the base layer installed directly onto your current flooring before you can have new flooring put in. However, not all types of flooring would require an underlayment. For instance, hardwood flooring is capable of sound absorption, so underlayment would not be necessary. Underlayment is not crucial for laminate flooring unless you are installing this material directly over concrete. When installing the laminate over concrete, the underlayment will act as extra cushioning for your flooring while also providing it with a moisture-resistant barrier.

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