How to Restore Shabby Tiles

Forklift Repair and Maintenance Tips

Forklifts are essential when you need to move and hoist heavy items at your construction site or warehouse. The article below discusses some forklift repair and maintenance tips. 

Service Your Forklift on Time

Forklifts require regular servicing to change lubricants and worn-out parts. Always service the machine on time. Besides, keep service records indicating when you should inspect or replace the various components. Service records can also help increase the forklift's value since they are an indication that you took good care of the machine. Besides, most people will ask for these records before hiring the forklift. 

Daily Inspections

Routine inspections will help you identify various problems at an early state. Below is are a few things to look out for:

  • Check the oil, water and hydraulic fluid levels.
  • Inspect the mast and forks for cracks, bends and signs of rust.
  • Test the functionality of the various forklift controls and make sure the brakes and electrical system are fully functional.
  • If the mast is uneven, you may be dealing with broken rollers.
  • The forklift's tires should have adequate pressure and tread.  

The forklift should be operated by a qualified and skilled operator. Conduct some research to determine problems that your forklift may develop. For instance, you could avoid hydraulic problems by replacing seals and return filters.  

Work With a Skilled Technician

Over time, your forklift may develop problems such as inability to hoist loads, overheating, steering and suspension issues. As a rule of the thumb, do not attempt any repairs if you are not a skilled technician. 

Finding a forklift repair technician can prove to be a difficult task. Below are some tips to help you find a mechanic who offers forklift repair services

Ask for referrals from other forklift owners. Examine the mechanic's reputation before consulting him or her.

Inquire about the mechanic's specialisation. He or she must be conversant with the make and model of your forklift.

Inquire about availability. Some mechanics will provide 24/7 services.

The technician should be reasonably priced. 

Remember to take advantage of manufacturer guarantees and warranties. For instance, you may get a free engine replacement if the forklift's engine breaks down within the warranty period. 

Insist on Genuine Spare Parts

Always use genuine parts on your forklift. Experienced technicians and repair shops can help you source parts for your forklift. Observe caution when purchasing forklift parts online. Ask for recent pictures and check the part's OEM number to know if it is compatible with your forklift. 

Forklift repair and maintenance tips include; servicing the forklift on time, regular inspections, working with a skilled technician and using genuine parts. 

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