How to Restore Shabby Tiles

Top Facts for Homeowners to Know about Plaster Ceiling Repair

There are several reasons why you should repair a plaster ceiling, especially when it starts to show water damage. When left for long, a damaged ceiling might cave in and cause property damage or even accidents. Besides, water damage causes a plaster ceiling to lose its insulation capabilities. Furthermore, the aesthetic quality of a ceiling is diminished due to water damage. You are also likely to encounter mould growth on your plaster ceiling when you do not repair it on time. Here are some top facts for homeowners to know about plaster ceiling repair.

Water Damage

When your roof or wall starts to leak, water might penetrate the plaster ceiling. Since a plaster ceiling does not have adequate water retention capability, moisture gets trapped, which softens the material. As the moisture content increases, a ceiling starts to show signs of damage including, chips, stains, ruptures, and cracks. A heavy plaster ceiling can even collapse due to water damage. Therefore, water damage repair of a plaster ceiling ensures the safety of your home and guarantees increased property value.

Consult A Plaster Ceiling Repair Company

If you are not very skilled in repairing ceilings, then you should never try a ceiling restoration project. Always hire a professional with years of experience to repair water damage to plaster ceilings. However, you can always be proactive by addressing areas that lead to water damage such as plumbing, air conditioning systems or even roofs and walls. Heavy damage to your ceiling might need replacement, which is a complex task of joining multiple ceiling layers together. A ceiling contractor ensures that a plaster ceiling is appropriately installed to guarantee longevity and safety. Furthermore, some plaster ceilings have details that must be recreated, such as raised details or swirled designs. Such finishes and patterns call for the services of a professional installer.

Repairing Cracks 

The extent of cracks defines the type of repair job to be applied to the plaster ceiling. Small cracks can be repaired using fillers and other joint compounds before applying a primer and eventually painting a ceiling. For extensive cracks, it is recommended to use patching plaster as opposed to a filler. When repairing cracks in plaster ceilings, always ensure that you allow adequate time for a patch to dry before you can apply a primer and paint. Depending on the extent of cracks, a typical ceiling repair job can take several days. Therefore, prior arrangements should be made to relocate to another facility, albeit temporarily.

For more information on plaster ceiling repairs, reach out to a plaster contractor in your area.

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