How to Restore Shabby Tiles

Is It Time To Re-Grout Your Shower? 3 Easy Ways You Can Tell

The bathroom is one of the parts of the house that can most easily suffer water damage. When the water and steam from the shower interact with the walls and the floor, it deteriorates with time. The tiles are not porous, but the grouting that joins them can wear out with time. Once the water starts seeping into the material below the tile, the tiles start separating from the subfloor, and the damage begins. Also, the presence of moisture in the subfloor can encourage the growth of mould. 

The best way to prevent this damage is by regularly checking for signs of water damage. Once you notice trouble, call a professional to help you fix it. Here are three signs that you need to re-grout your bathroom.

When the Grout Starts to Crumble

One of the ways to know that you need to re-grout your bathroom is when the cement between the tiles starts to crack and crumble. It happens when the initial mixing and installation was done incorrectly and also when the bathroom undergoes water damage. 

The contractor will remove the damaged grout, mix a fresh batch and reattach the tile. They will also seal the entire bathroom to protect the grout from water and heat damage permanently.

When the Grout Becomes Discoloured

Another sign that you need to re-grout the shower is when it becomes discoloured. Typically, scrubbing the tiles and using strong cleaners removes stains from their surface. However, when the grout gets stained continuously, and over a long time, you might have to remove it altogether and replace it. 

When you remove and replace the grout, you ought to think about sealing the surface because it will help you protect it from further damage. 

When the Bathroom Has Mould Damage

Mould damage happens because of warmth and moisture. Mould usually attacks the grout and gives it a dull brown or black colour. You will realise that no matter how much you try to clean your bathroom, it will not achieve the level of cleanliness you desire.

Re-grouting helps you remove the mould from the tiles and also improve your bathroom's appearance.

Other signs that it might be time to re-grout include when the tiles start loosening and when you have had the tiles for decades. A shower re-grouting and sealing professional will help remove the old grout and replace it with a fresh batch for a beautiful, clean and healthy bathroom to use.

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