How to Restore Shabby Tiles

How To Buy A Used Forklift

There are several reasons why you could opt to buy a used forklift. Other than being more affordable than new forklifts, they also have a low depreciation rate. Besides, buying a used forklift could be cheaper than the costs of hiring a forklift in the long run. So, what considerations should you make when buying a used forklift? Below are some essential tips. 

Consider Newer Models

There are two benefits of buying a newer model. First, these forklifts will have reduced wear and tear if they have been well maintained. They should also come with the latest technologies aimed at increasing safety, efficiency and functionality. Some of the latest technologies in the forklift market include auto fork levelling, automation, a sensitive drive system, high-quality braking, blind-spot detection and 360-degree steering. 

Examine The Forklift Documentation

Before viewing the forklift, ask the owner to send the forklift's documentation. Besides the ownership details, you should also check the equipment's running time and repair and maintenance schedule. Some of your concerns should include: 

  • Where does the owner service the forklift? The machine should be serviced by reputable and experienced garages.
  • Does the owner service the forklift on time? If not, it could have severe defects.
  • What quality of replacement parts does the owner use? OEM parts are designed to function optimally. Used or poor-quality parts without manufacturer accreditation could damage other forklift components.
  • Is the forklift under a manufacturer warranty? This is a guarantee that the manufacturer will conduct major repairs on the forklift. 

Check The Condition Of The Forklift 

While the forklift documentation will give you insights into the condition of the equipment, a physical examination is the best way to establish the forklift's current condition. Start by checking the lifting components, such as the forks, lift chains, mast and hydraulic system. Additionally, check the frame for welding and bends. These are an indication that the forklift could have been overloaded or used on unstable surfaces. Finally, examine the engine to ensure it does not have leakages or make any strange sounds. 

Compare Prices And Ask For Complimentary Services

If you are confident in the forklift's condition, compare the prices of similar models to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. Additionally, ask the seller to give a guarantee when drafting the sale agreement. Ask for extra services such as insurance and shipping. 

When buying a used forklift, go for a newer model, examine the forklift's documentation, assess the condition of the forklift and conduct a comparative analysis before paying for the forklift. 

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